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Ladies and Gentelmen ! Go to detailed information about sponsor's privileges

I am honoured to invite you to co-operate the Polish Printers Congress.

This greatest event in the history of Polish typography on the national and European scale makes yourpresence welcome and necessery. Your position and prestige in the Polish typography market prompts us, the Congress organizers, to invite you to consider the option of financial support of the Congress.

The Polish Printers Congress was convened by several hundred representatives of Polish greats printing houses, publishing houses, printing machinery, equipment and material producers, numerous medium and typography firms.

The event was initiated by the Polish Printing Chamber and the Typography Section SIMP. The initiative received support from all the remaining organizations active in the business, including the Brotherhood of Gutenberg Cavaliers, Association of Polish Aniline Printers, Association of Polish Screen Printers, Corporation of Poznań Typographers.

The will to participate in the Polish Printers Congress has been submitted by numerous authorities and celebrities of Polish, European and world typography.

Ladies and Gentelmen !

We are conviced that you will find it obligatory to be present at the Polish Printers Congress and that it will be with pleasure that you will become one of the sponsors or supporters of this great event, where over 600 representatives of Polish typography will be present.

Enclosed you will find the detailed programme of the Congress and the first draft of its course. Our offer includes the packages of sponsor privileges reflecting your financial support ensuring, Congress's standing.

On deciding to co-operate in organising the Polish Printers Congress your company will receive a title corresponding to its financial support reflecting a package of privileges. In each case an individual contract will determine in a concise way the principles of your partnership.

We are looking forward to your participation in the Polish Printers Congress.

Janusz Cymanek

President Organization Committee
Polish Printers Congress
Dr Eng. Stefan Jakucewicz

Scientific Secretary
Polish Printers Congress
Go to detailed information about sponsor's privileges