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Wednesday 8th of September Thursday 9th of September Friday 10th of September Saturday 11th of September

Wednesday 8th of September (to begin of page)
At 6 p.m. in Sala Rycerska of Town Hall the official opening of the Polish Printers Congress will take place. At 8.30 p.m. there will be an official dinner in the club of Silesian Military Department.

Thursday 9th of September (to begin of page)

Time Commercial Session Workshop Session Plenary Session

  Dr Eng. Jerzy Hoppe Janusz Cymanek
I. Machines for printing newspapers and magazines:
* printing machines,
* auxiliary devices,
* materials for production.
I. Need of confirmation of quality norms in accordance with European Community regulations.
1. Domestic report -"Requirements of the European market with reference to printing services".
2. Foreign report -"ISO 9001. Interpretations of selected requirements".
3. Domestic report -"An idea of integrated management systems of quality, environment and safety at the work".
4. Domestic report -"A method of a group initiations of ISO 9000 in printing - houses".
5. Domestic report -"Initiation of quality system with support of consultants".
6. Appearance of representatives of printing houses initiating or perfecting ISO 9000, according to schema:
* aims of initiation of the system,
* present situation,
* conclusions for the future.
7. Discussion.
I. Polish Printing at beginning of XXI age. State of possessions. Odds and threats.
II. Present state of Polish printing.
1. Programmatic reports:
a) President of Polska Izba Druku Mr. Adam Grzelak,
b) President of Printer's Section of SIMP Mr. Kazimierz Stępniewski.
2. Foreign report -"Polish printing in the eyes of Europe" report of representatives the foreign trade magazines.
3. Report of authority -"The part of printed word in the world today".
4. Discussion.
    Tomasz Ordyk Dr Eng. Jacek Kasz
I. Converting of print in different techniques:
* varnishing in sheet-fed and web offset, conventional and UV (drying problems),
* foiling,
* hot stamping,
* pressing,
* other.
II. Printing of newspapers and magazines.
1. Reports of representatives of producers of web machines - " Development tendencies in machine construction and new possibilities" (schemas, advantages and service).
2. Foreign report -"Heat-set printing and problem of drying and its influence on natural environment".
3. Foreign report -"Problem inserting as marketing requirement of present press".
4. National report -"Theoretical possibilities of improvement of quality of print in technology of cold-set web printing - tests and experiences".
5. Discussion.
III. Odds and threats of Polish printing in context of foreign investment.
1. Domestic reports -"Possibilities of investing by national capital in printing - industry".
2. Foreign reports - "Foreign investments in Poland".
3. Domestic reports -"Foreign investments, with special relationships between printing-house and customer".
4. Discussion.

Friday 10th of September (to begin of page)

Time Commercial Session Workshop Session Plenary Session

  Stanisław Radomski Dr Eng. Stefan Jakucewicz
I. Wrappings and labels.
1. Presentations of producers of varnishing machines, foiling and hot-stamping machines.
2. Presentations of producers and distributors of printing forms.
3. Presentations of producers of ready to use production materials.
I. Is quality of print measurable?
1. Domestic report -"Present definition of colorimetry and its meaning for quality of print".
2. Foreign report -"Present definition of densitometry and its meaning for quality of print".
3. Foreign report -"Whether quality of print is measurable?"
4. Domestic report -"Technological possibilities of printing machines and quality of print".
5. Reports of representatives of paper producers -"An influence of printing substrate on quality of print".
6. Domestic report -"Modern gravure printing form".
7. Discussion.
I. Problem of education of personnel for the printing - industry.
1. Foreign report -"Systems of education of personnel for the printing industry with the example of Germany and other countries of western Europe".
2. Report of representative of Gutenberg Found from Germany -"Possibilities of additional schooling of professionals in countries, in which speed of displacing of old methods of printing is so dynamic, that existing methods of education do not keep up with them".
3. Domestic report -"Estimation of needs of Polish printing in of the education of printing personnel".
4. Domestic report -"Faults and advantages of Polish system of professional printers education".
5. Domestic report -"High schools of printing".
6. Foreign report -"Techniques and methods of education in Scandinavian countries".
7. Foreign report -" the way of earning worked out by School of Printing - in Eindhoven".
8. Discussion.
    Ryszard Maćkowiak Jacek Kuśmierczyk
I. Methods and devices for measuring quality of print.
1. Introductions of producers of: paper, offset and fotopolymer printing plates, cylinders.
2. Introduction of producers spectrophotometers and of other control devices.
II. Is quality of print measurable? Continuation.
1. Domestic report -"Differences in print qualities resulting from different technologies".
2. Foreign report -"Hybrid printing machines and their possibilities".
3. Report of representative of FOGRA Institute -"Controlling of print process in respect of qualities on its every level".
4. Discussion.
II. Part of little and average printing houses in era of strong competition.
1. Reports of domestic representatives of printing firms.
2. Reports of guests from Germany, Italy, of Austria. "What is market position of small and average printing houses, on what relies its competing with great printing houses - methods and manners".
3. Foreign report -"Computer program for small printing-firms permitting the fast calculation of prices".
4. Discussion.

Saturday 11th of September (to begin of page)

Time Commercial Session Workshop Session Plenary Session

    Dr Eng. Krzysztof Stępień
I. Presentations of producers of devices for printing:
* Devices for analyses of water,
* Devices for upturned osmosis process,
* Devices for holding suitable moistures of air in printing houses.
I. Development tendencies in production of etiquettes and wrappings.
* Repeatability of print,
* Production requirements of wrappings for tobacco and food industry,
* Refining and protecting of ready products.
1. Discussion.
I. Perspectives of development of printing technologies in next years.
1. Each technology with examples from USA, Great Britain and Sweden:
* offset printing Technology,
* flexography and gravure,
2. Domestic co-reports:
* Print refining (varnishing, foiling, hot stamping etc),
* Part of screen printing in present printing.
3. Foreign report -"Multimedia systems".
4. Foreign report -"Digital printing".
5. Domestic report -"Perspectives of development of printing technologies".
6. Discussion.
II. End of Polish Printers Congress.
1. Summary reports.
2. Resolution of Polish Printers Congress