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  Ladies and Gentelmen !

In the name of organizers I would like to invite you to participate in prepared by us Polish Printers Congress - an entertainment intended for people working in the printing business and cooperating with them.

Many citizens do not realize, how great is the part played by print in our everyday life. And I mean not only the printing of words but print in general. All of us are surrounded by the great world of print.
About how it is great and useful, how it is developed, and what perspectives are ahead - we want to discuss during Congress. Especially in the context of our country access to the European Community - such discussion appears to be very necessary.

The printing industry belongs to the best of the developing spheres of Polish economy. In almost every sphere of activity we profit from its services and products. This favors its intensive development and strengthening of economic position. Will the near future be equally favorable for our business?

The idea of organizing the Polish Printers Congress was born several years ago in a circle of people active in the printing business.

The final decision was made a short time before the "Poligrafia 98" fair. There was also solemn signature of a "letter of intention" in a matter of convention Polish Printers Congress by members of Polska Izba Druku - president Adam Grzelak; Printers Section of SIMP - leader Kazimierz Stępniewski; Bractwo Kawalerów Gutenberga - Jacek Kuśmierczyk; Stowarzyszenie Sitodrukarzy Polskich - Jacek Swornowski; Zrzeszenie Polskich Fleksografów - Andrzej Hulpowski-Szulc; Wielkopolski Związek Pracodawców Poligrafii - Maciej Jankowski; Korporacjia Poligrafów Poznańskich - Janusz Ignaszczak and many other luminaries of the printer's art in Poland.

Then, "the Letter of intention" was spontaneously signed by nearly five hundred people from large, medium and small printing houses, from firms producing machines and devices for printing, and also many well-known persons from educational and scientific centers: Mrs. Helena Zych - president of Poligrafii S.A.-Kielce; Mr. Wiesław Grabowski - president of Drukarnia Dziełowa - Łodź; Mr. Tadeusz Winkowski; Mr. Jacek Indyka - president of Drukarnia Wydawnicza in Cracow; Mr. Andrzej Płatek - president of Drukarnia Skarbowa in Warsaw; Mr. Bogdan Skiba; Mr. Waldemar Borys; Mr. Tadeusz Chęsy; Donnelley in Cracow; ALFA - Copy Kopacz & Kopacz; Axel Springer Poland from Warsaw; Drukarnia Skarbowa from Warsaw; Drukarnia Leyko from Cracow; Drukarnia Prasowa from Łodź; Drukarnia Dziełowa from Łodź; Lubelskie Zakłady Graficzne; Olsztyńskie Zakłady Graficzne; Poland Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych SA from Warsaw; Orkla Media from Bydgoszcz; Białostockie Zakłady Graficzne; WALL - BDA from Bydgoszcz; Heidelberg Poland; Atext from Gdańsk; Zakłady Graficzne KEN from Bydgoszcz; Zakłady Graficzne in Piła; Wrocławskie Zakłady Graficzne; and many, many other.

From persons, who actively took part in preparatory works two committees emerged: Program and Organization. As scientific secretary of the Congress doctor Stefan Jakucewicz was chosen.

Program Commitee
Organisation Commitee

Our aim is to organize such a forum of information and discussion, which will serve to find answers to many pervading problems like: correct organization of firm, possibilities of undertaking of the right investment decision - and competitive possibilities in the market.

Polish Printers Congress has to help in consolidation all environments of printing business. Preparing a schedule of conference of Congress, we tried to choose essential range reflecting the needs and expectations of all its participants. To achieve this, it will be worked out of three sessions: plenary, workshop and commercial.

The Plenary session of Polish Printers Congress will concern the general problems, the Polish printing industry meets entering in XXI century. We consider that this matter is a point of interest of representatives of the highest and average level of management. A target of the Workshop session is to present new technical solutions and to discuss technological problems. It is dedicated to the technical personnel of firms. Commercial session in our foundations is to serve in introduction of firms and their products. Introduction during session will be paid. Thanks to participation in commercial session every firm has a possibility to present itself to wide group of receivers - participants of Polish Printers Congress.
A group of competent persons prepares this greatest event in history of Polish printing and works out its program in such manner, that in every respect this then entertainment will be for all of us important and useful.

I cordially invite you to participate in Polish Printers Congress.

With best wishes

Janusz Cymanek
President of Organizing Committee
Polish Printers Congress